Unique Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends with SMS & Images

To be friendly is the first and foremost need of every relationship in the world. If you’re not friendly, you’re unable to understand their feelings and emotions but you’re, then feel calm while sharing matters and feelings. It’ll be immoral to say that friends are the soul of your body to keep you warm and happy. So, you’ve to know about their events or days to be a part of their pleasures to add happiness. Mostly, a birthday is a day when you make your friends happy by giving them different surprises or wishing them through heart touching happy birthday wishes for friends.  This special day comes in every person’s life and sometimes we celebrate it and sometimes we wish them with some unique and extraordinary words and prayers to make friendship strong. We offered unique birthday wishes for friends who help you to protect your treasure.

Birthday Wishes for Friends

    • Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy! May our friendship grow with every daybreak!

    • You are not only a friend but also a family. You are the one to be followed in the world. Happy birthday my dear one.

    • Wishing you a stupendous birthday and a successful year ahead! I really feel proud to have you.
    • Thanks for everything you did for me, thanks for every word you said for me, thanks for every moment you created for me, thanks for every action you took for me, thanks for every single letter you pen for me, thanks for every hard word you faced for me. Happy Birthday my near and dear friend. Thanks to be the part of my life.

  • I wish you many many happy birthday! May you always be happy with every bud of plant. ?

Happy birthday image with wish for friend
Happy birthday wishes and image for friend

    • Happy birthday from the core of every colour of rainbow, from the every node of chirping birds, from the every ray of shinning Sun.

    • You are like a morning star which is the source of daylight. May you always lightening others. Happy birthday under the shade of stars whish get light from you.

    • Happy Birthday my dear friend. I’m very lucky to have such a nice friend like you. .

    • Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a fantastic year ahead! Thanks for being such a dear friend.

    • Happy Birthday dear friend. May our friendship become strong and stronger and may our friendship has grace of purity.

    • Happy Birthday to the best ever! The person I can share everything and who listens to me and my problems. Who somehow lift me whenever I feel down. I love you, you’re like my soul

    • A friend as you, is not only precious but also priceless! Wishing you a wonderful birthday!

happy birthday image with pray for friend
Happy birthday image for friend

    • I really feel lucky to have a kind and loyal friend like you. Wishing you a happy and healthy life ahead !

    • Happy birthday my gratitude friend. You are my gold which can be melt and shaped time and again.
    • Happy Birthday dude. You are the sun with shine on me whenever I fall down in the dark round.
    • It is your day my dear friend, Happy Birthday. You’re like shinning stars for me to permit the night to change into day.

    • Happy Birthday to a friend who shine like a diamond and bring so much joy into the lives. May you always stay blessed.

  • Happy Birthday, (Friend Name)! Even if we are near or miles apart, we will always be together. Our hearts always feel each other.

Happy birthday wish for friend with image
Unique birthday wish with image for friend

    • May you always be posh and lead a joyful life. Happy birthday dear friend!

    • I wish you not too much but never-ending happiness like flowing water in streams. Many Happy Birthday My Best Friend.

    • Life is always more interesting and enjoyable with the best friend as you! I wish you Happy Birthday!

Simple Happy Birthday wishes for Friends

Persons, who make your days beautiful and more beautiful, who love you without having any kind of purpose in the world, who support you to get your targets to make your life,  who sacrifice their beloved things and many other to promote you, who contribute the great part in your external and eternal life, who leave many things and values behind the screen, yes, these are the persons who are called friends❤.  These words are very little to define them but they really have the great worth and they really deserve to be gratitude. We know very well that they’ll not get credit their all doings but believe you me they really deserve. There are some simple birthday wishes and messages for friend to wish them on their big day.

Simple Happy Birthday wishes for Friends

    • There are many things to write but words never explain my love for you. I would like to say you simply many Happy returns of the day, Happy Birthday dear friend.

    • To express my loyalty for you, words never have ending in this. Have blessed year ahead. Happy Birthday!

    • Having friends is a great thing by GOD. And you really are the great blessing for me. Happy Birthday dear friend!

    • Friends are the great gifts. I’m thankful to GOD for such a great gift. Happy Birthday dear.
    • I’m lucky to have you in my life. You’re gifted me by GOD. Thank you for all. Have a blessed birthday dude.

Happy birthday wish for friend
Simple birthday image for friend

    • I am gonna send you a box of love on your big day. Happy birthday dear friend.
    • May you have a beautiful year ahead and may this year brings bundle of happiness for you and your family. Happy birthday dear.

    • My words are very little but my sincerity is greater than everything for you. Have blessed day. Happy birthday.

    • It is said that simplicity is the best policy. You are my simple and pure friend. I feel proud to have you. Happy birthday my simple friend.

    • Some persons are very unique in one’s life and you are one of them. You really are one of rare persons whom I can feel proud. I wish you on your big day with warm wishes. Happy birthday dear one.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Friend is the real taste of Happy life. Friends create a life which cane never be forget and makes your life good always. Life is nothing without friend weather he is your boy friend or girlfriend or whatever. Their events and special days have the great importance to be celebrated and captured joyful memories.  Birthday is one of the great day of everyone’s life which is celebrated to make the day memorable. Friends contribute great part in it to be memorable. You also may wish your friends by getting Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend or girlfriend from here. These are the best wishes according to your taste along with unique images prepared specially for boyfriend.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

    • May the coming years add wisdom, warmth, and success to you life to give our life a new turn. Happy Birthday dear (Friend Name ❤)

    • My Best wishes are always with you. May the smile impression of good life on your face stay forever like this! Happy Birthday my friend!

    • Happy Birthday dear boyfriend. May you always love me. Your love is a strength for me a way to lead me on the right path. May God always keep you with me.

  • Happy Birthday dear friend. I can’t imagine my life without your support. Thanks for always being with me. I love you so much.

    Birthday image for boyfriend
    A very simple Birthday image for boyfriend
    • A true friend stands for you when no one does alike. Happy birthday to my best partner. May God bless you!

    • Happy birthday, dear! May you always stay blessed and keep shining bright!

    • Everything seems beautiful when a great person around like you. You have such a charm and through this you can change the dullness of life into spring. Happy Birthday dear.

Happy Birthday wishes for friend
a unique Birthday image with wishes for boyfriend
    • On your big day, I’m gonna parcel you uncountable love and wishes. May you have a successful life ahead. Happy Birthday dear boyfriend!

    • There are no words in the world which can express my love for you. I would jus say that it love can’t be measured. So, Happy Birthday to my love!

    • On your day, I wanna let you know that there is one in the world who can sacrifice everything for you to make you happy with a right way. No more words. Happy Birthday my handsome.

    • Thank you for being the part of my life and make me realize how the life can be wonderful with the person like you. Happy birthday to the man of my dreams!

    • If I could buy all the happiness, joy, and luck of the world, I’d. But these things can’t be bought but be created. I wish may you have these all on your big day. Happy Birthday dear friend.

    • I can offer you my endless pleasure and genuine love and all affections. Hope these will be enough. Happy birthday my boy.

Birthday wishes for boyfriend
special image for Happy Birthday with wishes for boyfriend
    • In this world you are the entire galaxy to me; the world is too small for what you truly mean to me. Happy birthday dear friend.

    • May you always keep blooming like flowers and always keep spreading your scent of love. Happy birthday dear flowery friend.

    • May the secret of this world reveal on you and you lead this world ahead. Best wishes for you on your big day. Happy Birthday dear.

    • The world is too small but my love is too much for you. I feel whole world around you. Happy Birthday my dear Boyfriend.

Happy Birthday image for friend
The best birthday image for friend
    • World is wide like my love for you. You are world and I’m your universe. We may always be together. Happy Birthday dear.

    • Many happy returns around you of the day. You are the paragon of happiness. Many Happy Birthday dear.

    • Happiness and calmness are waiting for you. You may get all these I the universe Happy Birthday dear friend.

Happy Birthday wishes for Girlfriend

Friendship is the great blessing which is bestowed by the GOD. Everyone has great and meaningful friends who make your life wonderful to live. Friends create unforgettable moments in your life and sometimes they change your life and lifestyle too. It doesn’t matter that you have boyfriend or a girlfriend but you have friends. There are different events in friends, boyfriend and girlfriends’ life, Birthday is one of them which is celebrated special with friends. They really make your day good create unsurpassable memories. If you are looking for birthday ideas and Messages for your Girlfriend, this is platform, where you’ll find what you’re looking for. We have for you a collection of some really wonderful and witty happy birthday wishes for girlfriend that will blow her mind on her special day.

Happy Birthday wishes for Girlfriend

    • I wish many happy birthday my princess. May you have a successful and blessed life ahead with your Prince. We may lead a joyful life.

    • Happy birthday my fairy. May you have a fairyland with your dreams.

    • Happy birthday lovely girlfriend. Here I’m sending you a full box of love and kisses for my darling!

Happy Birthday image for friend
Simple Birthday image for friend
    • Happy birthday my dream girl. I’m gonna gift you my whole life on your big day. I think there is no better gift than that.

    • I wish you many Happy birthday to the queen of my heart. You’re the most impressive person I’ve ever met. May you always be happy.

    • You’re the calm of my dark nights. You’re the bright of my days. You’re the first ray of the day. Your the first sign of the night. Happy Birthday to my pretty GF.

Happy Birthday wishes for friend
A romantic Happy Birthday image with wishes for girlfriend
    • I’m gonna wish Happy birthday to my sweetie. You’re first star of my evenings and you’re morning star. May you always keep shining.

    • Your birthday gives me a genuine feeling of love, joy and happiness in the this world. That’s how I know you how much you’re important! Happy Birthday Happy birthday to my doll!

    • Happy birthday to the girl of my dreamland who really deserves to be the part of my life to make it beautiful. May you have a life without hurdles.

    • Hi birthday girl, thanks for being the stars in the sky of my life. Happy birthday to my sweetie and cutie.

    • All the pleasures in the world may wait for you to carry you beyond the skies and you may feel eternal calm there and you enjoy your day. Happy Birthday my head of state.

    • I wish to gift you all the pleasures rest of the work. The day will come and I’d. Happy birthday lovely girl.

Happy Birthday wish and image for boyfriend
a dark mode Happy Birthday image with wish for friend
    • Happy birthday to the person who make me Happy, understands me and feel more than anyone else in the world! Stay blessed my heroine.

    • May this the shine on you, May the sky rain on you, May the stars sprinkle on you to bright your day. Happy Birthday! May you live long sweetie!

    • I pray to God that May this your bring endless joys for and you feel permanent peace. Happy birthday to my Barbie doll.

    • Happy birthday to the queen of my yard! Keep smiling and spreading pleasures for the people around you.

    • My dear sweetheart, it’s a day to tell you that you’re the person whom I wish to see as a life partner. I’ll wait for the day. Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes images for friend
A lovely Birthday image with wishes for lovely girlfriend
    • Dear pretty girl, it’s time when you can tell me what your heart desires. I can do everything to glance your smile. Many Happy birthday my sweet angel!

    • I wish that May you get success on every step of your life and may you always keep smiling like that. Happy birthday dear.

    • Dear girl, you’re my chocolate girl. I wish to make your day the best day of your life to make you feel that how much I love you. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend (Messages)

Birthday is the day which is celebrated specially among the friends and family. They people make this day more and more memorable and tried their best to make you feel happy and they really let you know that how much you love you. Their feelings and emotions are expressed through their actions and presence with you on your day. People celebrate this day according to their wish and taste. Some celebrate this day with several segments and some celebrate while wishing through messages. There are some unique Happy birthday messages with special wording.

Happy Birthday Messages for Friend

    • Bundle of thanks to the Good Who gave me such a beautiful relations, though I don’t have blood relation with them but they care me like my mother, they supported me like my father, they fight with me like my sisters and beyond to all they stood with me like my brothers. They are my family which don’t need any blood certification but literally it’s hard to live without them even for a moment. And you’re one of them. Happy birthday to you buddy. love you… stay blessed always.

    • Many events occur in our lives but some has great importance. This day really has the importance that aa legend figure open his / her eyes in the world. May you always keep wealthy, healthy and warm. Many Happy returns of the day.  Happy Birthday!

    • I wish you nay shine like sun and bright like moon to the people around you and they May get warm and light from you. Happy Birthday my dear one.

    • May Happy returns of the day. May this your brings permanent sources of pleasures to make your life trouble free. Happy birthday.

    • Your day is as much special as you are to us. Wishing you a great Happy Birthday to capture the memories of your big day!

Simple Birthday images message for friends
Happy Birthday images and wishes with celebration for friends
    • A special message is created for a special friend. May your day be filled with endless pleasures and peace and may the years ahead bring you bundle of happiness, success and prosperity. Happy Birthday!

    • Birthdays comes every year but person like you comes once in a life. Happy Birthday, dear. Best wishes for you.

    • By the grace of GOD I was given a chance to install such a wonderful friend in my life and now he is the birthday boy today. Wish you many Happy birthday dear.

Happy Birthday message for friend
A specific Birthday image and message for friends
    • Happy Birthday, my dear. I want to let you know that I wish to spend my whole life with you. I hope this year brings everything that you want in your life. Love you so much.

    • You are the stream to flow for the people around you to give them calm. May you be prosperous in whose of your life. Happy Birthday my champion.